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  • Sears chairman's takeover proposal faces moment of truth

    Negotiations between Sears Holdings Corp Chairman Eddie Lampert and the bankrupt U.S. department store operator approached a resolution late on Tuesday as the billionaire hedge fund manager faced the choice of improving his $5 billion offer for the company or ending his takeover plans, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

  • Mika to US Enemies: Now's the 'Moment to Act!'

    Mika Brzezinski framed it as a "worry," but her statement can also be seen as giving advice [unintentionally, one would hope] to America's enemies, encouraging them to seize the current moment to act against us. On today's Morning Joe, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic imagined America's adversaries saying "we don't know what the hell they're going to do, because this President is completely unpredictable." Responded Mika: "I would take it a step further, and worry that we look weak. And that...

  • Mika to US Enemies: Now's the 'Moment to Act!'


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  • Five historic moments as new US Congress opens

    Lawmakers have arrived in Washington DC to be sworn in, and they're a more diverse group than ever before.
  • ‘This Is Us’ Recap: Kevin Uncovers A Shocking Truth About Jack & Nicky

    'This Is Us' is back! The show hit the ground running after its winter hiatus. As Kevin searched for more answers about Jack's brother, he found out something that changes everything. Plus, did Randall win the election?

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  • MSNBC Mika tells US enemies: Now's the 'moment to act'!

    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski wants America’s enemies to know that “now” is the “moment to act.” During a bizarre segment Monday on “Morning Joe,” The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg argued that America’s adversaries are “confused” by President Donald Trump’s “unpredictable behavior.” “Adversaries right now might look at us and say, we don’t know what the hell they’re

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  • Column: Kevin Hart hosting the Oscars could be a teachable moment for us all

    As the Oscars approach, some are urging Kevin Hart to reconsider hosting Hollywood’s biggest event. Should he choose to accept, it could be a powerful lesson on growth, responsibility and acceptance.