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  • Delivery driver eats out of the meal he is about to deliver

    A food delivery driver has been caught red-handed digging into someone else's meal shortly before dropping off the partially eaten meal to its unsuspecting customer.

    Mail Online
  • The Time You Ate Something You Definitely Were Not Supposed to Eat

    There’s a particularly unremarkable episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) recalls eating a calzone on the streets of Manhattan, dropping it, and then continuing to chow down. Unremarkable and yet, I think about it frequently because I am a chronic floor-eater. My religion is the five-second rule, and I’m a devout follower of the Church of Is-It-Gross?-Not-Really?-Okay-I’ll-Still-Eat-That. It’s supremely foul, but there are worst things to ingest. You could...

  • Kylie Jenner and Stormi model mommy-and-me swimsuits

    Stormi’s first birthday may not be until February 1, but her mom apparently couldn’t wait to celebrate.

    Page Six
  • Why I'll Never Be A Meal Prepper (Nope, Not Even In The New Year)

    I don’t recall precisely where I was or what I was doing when I first heard the term “meal prep.” I imagine I was floating somewhere in the deep abyss of the internet, looking for funny memes and grabby headlines to distract me from my late afternoon, office-induced malaise. And one could argue that learning the concept of meal prepping succeeded in this suddenly, I was transported to a world of diced vegetables and identically braised cutlets of salmon, of itemized shopping lists and plastic...