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  • Former CIA boss John Brennan explains Trump's 'authoritarian toolbox'

    The former head of the Central Intelligence Agency blasted President Donald Trump for trying to use “authoritarian” tactics to win his border wall fight — and said he’d been doing so for quite some time. MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace pointed out that after Trump failed to get Congress on board with border wall funding, he moved to “simply reach for the authoritarian’s toolbox and do it by emergency declaration.” “I think Donald Trump has been

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  • Boats destroyed in marina fire

    Boats were destroyed in a marina fire in Charlestown.

  • Senate confirms Democrat to FCC

    The US Senate fills the vacant seat on the Federal Communications Commission. The position had been empty for months.

  • Face It, Destroyer Is Borderline Camp

    Of all the film subgenres that provide ground for pure camp, self-serious Oscar-bait must be the most fertile. A movie like Karyn Kusama’s Destroyer is so bleak and unsmiling that it doesn’t even allow room for a knowing wink, let alone comic relief. This is the kind of exercise in stylized grit that features a sober scene in which a woman jerks off a man in order to extract

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  • If You Were Chief Of CIA Consciousness Ops

    Authored by Jon Rappoport, There is an obsession to say that everything is made out of something. Who knows where it started? With the Egyptian pyramid builders? The Sumerians? In the modern era, the fervor has reached a high point. Physicists, biologists, and chemists are relentless in their pursuit of consciousness as a function of the brain. It has to be the brain. All those synapses and neurons and chemicals

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  • Brennan, Comey, & Hoover-ing Trump

    Authored by Ray McGovern via, Was former FBI Director James Comey pulling a Hoover on Trump to keep him in line? For those interested in evidence — or the lack of it— regarding collusion between Russia and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, we can thank the usual Russia-gate promoters at The New York Times and CNN for inadvertently filling in some gaps in recent days. Stooping to a new low, Friday’s Times headline screamed: “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether...

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  • All activities in Anthem have matchmaking, BioWare confirms

    BioWare has assured fans they won’t have to LFG before playing Anthem’s various activities. One of the many mysteries surrounding Anthem has been whether developer BioWare will be making it easier for solo and casual players to find groups for the more demanding activities in the game. Lead producer Ben Irving was asked on Twitter [