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  • Did a Russian-Made Missile Really Hit an Israeli Air Force F-35 Stealth Fighter?

    Michael Peck Security, Here are the facts

    The National Interest
  • 31 Air Force Pilots Reveal Why They Love the F-35 Stealth Fighter

    John Venable Security, In full production, the F-35A is projected to cost less than the four-plus generation Eurofighter Typhoon, the French Rafale M, or the latest version of the F-15K Strike Eagle. It will outperform those jets and every other four-plus generation fighter in an air-to-surface role, and none of them would fare well against it in an air-to-air engagement. Important point: The biggest single factor in keeping the program on time and under budget is effective, stable...

    The National Interest
  • RIP F-35: The Air Force's Sixth-Generation Fighter Could Make Everything Obsolete

    Kris Osborn Security, Current work on a futuristic 6th-gen fighter - to come after and fly alongside upgraded F-35s -- includes development of stealthy drone fighters, hypersonic flight, lasers, new precision weaponry and advanced AI able organize targeting data in milliseconds. Drone fighter jets, hypersonic attack planes, artificial intelligence, lasers, electronic warfare and sensors woven into the fuselage of an aircraft - are all areas of current technological exploration for the Air...

    The National Interest
  • F-35 air-to-air missiles can now hit 2 drones at once, changing air combat

    When a single F-35 used sensors, onboard computers and targeting systems to find, track and destroy two airborne drones at the same time with air-to-air missiles, the emerging 5th Gen fighter transitioned into a new era for offensive attack missions.

    Fox News