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  • Pick Six Podcast: Reviewing best and worst 2018 NFL predictions, including big seasons for Chiefs, Seahawks

    Will Brinson and John Breech recall their boldest guesses of the year -- and admit how silly some look
  • Here are the best and worst performing markets of 2018

    Major stock markets across the world suffered their worst calendar year since the financial crisis in 2018, leaving many global investors fearful of further declines over the coming months.

  • The Best And Worst Performing Markets Of 2018

    It is by now common knowledge that 2018 was the year when "nothing worked", because as Deutsche Bank showed a record 93% of assets posted a negative total return in the past year. And with the S&P500 suffering its worst December drop since the great depression

    Zero Hedge
  • What are the best and worst things to come out of 2018?

    As the year comes to a close, I return to a thought I had not long ago: If somehow one was transported 30 years into the past and described the current state of the country and world to people, would what we have now be considered a dystopian future? While on the positive side we haven’t burned the world to a cinder (yet?), Alexa and Siri are now around to help people find everything from music to porn, and 2019 is not going to be like Blade Runner, there are darkest-timeline aspects that people...
  • TV's Best, Worst, and Weirdest in 2018

    Au revoir, 2018. It's time to say goodbye to what has been quite a year for TV. New shows arrived, a few shows departed, a ton of actors left shows, and a whole bunch of weird and

    E! Online
  • Best and worst smartphone trends of 2018

    Another year has passed and a whole bunch of devices has gone through our office. We have completed more than 80 smartphone reviews in 2018 and what an exciting year in tech it was!
  • Our picks for the very best video games of 2018

    From epic fantasy to Tokyo’s criminal underworld to the Old West, the most outstanding games of 2018 spanned an eclectic mix of genres and worlds, hailing from major developers and small indie studios alike. Here are our favorites.