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  • Love Island's Laura Anderson 'apprehensive' about meeting Paul Knopps

    Laura Anderson admitted she was 'apprehensive' about reuniting with ex Paul Knopps on the Love Island's upcoming Christmas special, in an exclusive chat with MailOnline.

    Mail Online
  • From Killing Eve to Love Island: the best TV style icons of 2018

    Sofa dwellers rejoice – your favourite box set is just as likely to provide wardrobe inspiration as any catwalk trend There was stiff competition for the style winner of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Maniac. Emma Stone’s 80s look in episode four and all of Sally Fields’ jumpers were on the shortlist. But the lesson here is that sometimes the real star keeps it simple. See Sonoya Mizuno as Dr Azumi Fujita with bowlcut, wire-frame glasses and lab coat. Her hair was based on that of Comme des Garçons’...

    the Guardian
  • Jack and Dani from Love Island's split sums up the horrendous year that is 2018

    There was that brief interlude when the politicians were on holiday and for a few sweltering weeks we could ignore the fact that Britain was eating itself alive. The couple were our rays of hope for the future
  • Modern Love: Marooned on ‘Love Island’

    When a medical crisis asks a young woman to confront the messier aspects of love, she plunges into a reality TV version of romance.