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  • House committee sets first climate change hearing in eight years

    The National Resources Committee has set a date for the first House of Representatives hearing on climate change in eight years after Democrats regained control of the legislature. It takes place Wednesday at 10 AM ET, and it will address how climate

  • Michael Cohen hearing at House Intelligence Committee delayed

    The House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday postponed the closed testimony of President Trump's former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen until later this month. Originally scheduled for Friday, the appearance was pushed back because of ongoing investigations in which Cohen was set to discuss during the hearing. "In the interests

    The Washington Times
  • What Happened at the House Science Committee Hearing on the State of the Climate, and Why It Matters

    The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held its first full committee hearing Wednesday titled, "The State of Climate Science and Why It Matters." One of the experts who testified before the committee was Dr. Jennifer Francis, who is an atmospheric scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts. Francis testified, among other topics, on how climate change is affecting natural disaster trends. "It's not your imagination: extreme weather events have become more frequent...
  • House Judiciary Committee hires outside counsels in Trump probes

    The attorneys will be tasked with reviewing issues that could be at the heart of an impeachment case against the president.