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  • Father John Misty Finally Shut Up in 2018. We Need Him Back.

    In 2017, a few things were treated as givens. You knew you’d wake up with some sort of existential dread from checking the news or Twitter to see what horrific things Trump had said or done. You could also expect that within seconds of walking outside or turning the radio on that you’d hear “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, almost always turned up to full blast. But seemingly without fail, you also knew that if you read nearly any music publication on any random day, you’d see some sort of outlandish...
  • Rams' Todd Gurley finally back on practice field testing his injured knee

    His left knee apparently no longer causing him pain, Rams running back Todd Gurley had some fun at coach Sean McVay’s expense Wednesday. “He got a kick out of joking with me that he was real sore,” McVay said before practice. “I didn’t think it was that funny.” McVay laughed, and he had reason
  • Escape at Dannemora Finale Recap: A Horse Isn’t a Horse

    Lest we forget that Escape at Dannemora is a dramatization, it should be noted that the real David Sweat knew full well why he didn’t bust out on his own after completing the dry run. As IG Leahy Scott’s report details, it was largely a practical concern. It was 4
  • WATCH: A look back at 2018

    With 2019 fast approaching, we're checking out all the highlights and wacky moments we've had on the show this past year.

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