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  • Thief leaves behind apology note after stealing sports equipment from school

    PHOENIX — A thief who broke into three storage sheds at a West Valley high school in Phoenix wiped out all of their sports equipment and expensive tools, but they also left behind a note apologizing and explaining why they committed the crime. Adrian Espana, the Community Coordinator and Athletic Director at the Western School of Science and Technology said the break-ins took place during their winter break. Espana was with a group of athletes on Saturday morning cleaning up [

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  • What happens when your cruise ship leaves you behind?

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  • Top 10 Things To Leave Behind in 2018

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  • 13 things we need to leave behind in 2018

    "New year, who dis?" As we turn our calendars to January 2019, that's a phrase you should be saying to some not-so-great trends and people who were popular in this medium-key trash year. Before we say goodbye to 2018, let's make an effort to start fresh by leaving behind a few negative memories and abandoning things that make life more unpleasant. SEE ALSO: 50 things to be thankful for in 2018 Not sure where to start? No worries! Here are 13 things you should consider leaving behind to start the...