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  • Shocking moment Good Samaritan black man helps his drunk neighbor get home and then gets arrested

    A viral clip, posted on YouTube shows Samir Ahmed, 23, being put in handcuffs by cops in Montgomery County, Maryland as passers-by explain he was only trying to help his neighbor.

    Mail Online
  • Help Us, Horse Girls

    Hello, hi. I am but a humble city mouse who knows very little about the animal kingdom. I recently confused a guinea pig with a capybara. Animals are kind of my blind spot. It that why I am very perplexed by what’s going on in this photo of President Trump and this horse’s butt. Read more...

    The Slot
  • Ducks get a helping hand from Devils

    It was the Kyle Palmieri show in the early going. The New Jersey Devils forward tormented his former squad with two goals in the game's first 11 minutes, bringing his

  • Can Kyrie Irving Get Some Help?

    The Boston Celtics have spent most of the 2017-18 season waiting out themselves. They are waiting for Jaylen Brown to recapture his comfort and efficiency within the offense

    Bleacher Report