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  • Chinese hacking against U.S. on the rise: U.S. intelligence official

    A senior U.S. intelligence official warned on Tuesday that Chinese cyber activity in the United States had risen in recent months, and the targeting of critical infrastructure in such operations suggested an attempt to lay the groundwork for future disruptive attacks.

  • Oil prices hit 2018 low as global supplies rise

    Donald Trump has called on Opec to reduce prices by pumping up supplies
  • Rising U.S. Drug Prices Aren't Going To Stop Under Trump

    Earlier this year, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced price jumps for many of its brand name drugs, including the smoking cessation aid Chantix and the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. But less than a month later, the company reversed course, seemingly bending to pressure from President Donald Trump, who called out the company on—what else—Twitter and then spoke to Pfizer CEO Ian Read directly. It was perhaps the best sign yet that the administration might do something meaningful about...
  • U.S. targets Iran-Russia network over oil sent to Syria

    The United States has moved to disrupt an Iranian-Russian network that sent millions of barrels of oil to Syria and hundreds of millions of dollars to indirectly fund militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah.