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  • What new investigations may be in store for the new Congress

    A new Congress also means new committee chairs and new investigations. MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian breaks down some of the new investigations the 116th Congress may be pursuing in 2019.
  • Theresa May promises a 'new chapter' in her New Year message

    In her New Year message, the Prime Minister says this country can thrive and ‘start a new chapter with optimism and hope’. But to do so we need ‘to put our differences aside and move forward together’.

    Mail Online
  • Exclusive: Liz returns to her hometown in new 'Roswell, New Mexico' clip

    Welcome back to Roswell, New Mexico, Liz! In an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s debut episode of the CW series, Liz Ortecho (Grey’s Anatomy’s Jeanine Mason) returns to her tourist-trap hometown after 10 years, only to run into her high school crush, Max Evans (Nathan Parsons, of The Originals) before she can even make it past the “Welcome” sign. However, soon enough, random ICE checkpoints aren’t her main concern when she learns more about her former lab partner and his extraterrestrial...