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  • Another day, another look at rural Trump voters still getting hammered by his policies

    Another day, another story about a rural community, or to be specific, the Trump-supporting white portions of it, still supporting Trump despite it being manifestly bad for them. This time it's Bloomberg making the trip, and this time we're going to Clay County, Kentucky, which, like a great many other rural areas, never recovered much from the Great Recession and has not much in the way of future opportunities on the horizon. The county gets a great deal of assistance from the federal...
  • Sean Hannity awkwardly gives Ocasio-Cortez new nicknames: "O-socially," "O-socialist-o," "O-scary-o," "O-crazy-o"

    "It's not cool to call her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you got to call her A.O.C.,” Hannity complained.

  • Sears gets reprieve for another week

    After a flurry of last-minute negotiations, Sears, which filed for bankruptcy protection in October, will live on for at least another week. The deal, announced Tuesday at a Bankruptcy Court hearing, staves off the threat of liquidation and gives the company's chairman, Eddie Lampert, an opportunity to sweeten his $4.4 billion offer to acquire Sears and keep its 400 stores operating. Lampert, a hedge fund manager who took control of Sears in 2005, is now expected to officially bid for the...

  • Sears gets another reprieve from liquidation

    Sears is getting another reprieve from liquidation after its chairman and largest shareholder revised his bid to save the iconic brand. The Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based retailer says it has accepted Eddie Lampert's bid through an affiliate of his ESL hedge fund that could keep 425 stores

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