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  • Nice Wednesday Warm Up After Dangerously Cold Start

    Record cold slams northwest Colorado.

  • Wednesday marks National Candy Cane Day

    There's another day to celebrate right after Christmas. But relax, you probably already have everything you need for this "holiday." Dec. 26 marks National Candy Cane Day How did peppermint candy sticks become associated with the birth of Jesus? It turns out, nobody is quite sure. In fact, nobody really knows when the first candy cane was even made. A recipe for a white peppermint stick with colored stripes was published as early as 1844. Its first known association with Christmas was documented...

  • Most Glaring Weaknesses for Every Top NBA Draft Prospect

    Even the top NBA draft prospects have glaring weaknesses for scouts to pick apart. A scout's challenge is determining how much stock to put in each, plus the likelihood of that player improving over the next few years

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