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  • Lakers Rumors: Josh Hart Out Through All-Star Break with Knee Injury

    The Los Angeles Lakers will rest guard Josh Hart through at least the All-Star break with  patella tendinitis in his right knee, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN

    Bleacher Report
  • Tyron Woodley Tried to Fight Georges St-Pierre, GSP Shot Me Down

    UFC champ Tyron Woodley says he tried like hell to get a fight deal done with Georges St-Pierre behind-the-scenes FOR YEARS -- but the Canadian superstar just wouldn't sign a contract.  Woodley says he has tremendous respect for GSP -- and is

  • What Paul Manafort tried (and failed) to hide from Mueller

    Newly released court transcripts reveal new details of what Trump's former campaign boss didn't want the special counsel to know - and the lengths he allegedly went to in order to try and conceal it. Jeremy Bash, Berit Berger, and Michael Schimdt discuss.
  • Markelle Fultz takes subtle shot at 76ers on way out

    Markelle Fultz took a shot Thursday — one more than he’s taken on the court since November. Speaking for the first time since the 76ers traded the former No. 1-overall pick to the Magic last week, Fultz delivered a subtle jab at his old team. “It really excites me to have coaches that are going

    New York Post