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  • ‘Breakthrough’ Trailer: Chrissy Metz’s Love & Faith Are Tested After Son’s Accident

    “He’s been underwater for more than 15 minutes,” one first responder says. “This is gonna be a recovery, not a rescue,” another frets. But then they find him. Joyce (Chrissy Metz) gets the kind of call every parent dreads in the first trailer for Breakthrough, a faith-based drama formerly titled The Impossible. Her basketball-star adopted son John (Marcel Ruiz) has fallen through thin ice, and a doctor tells her, “We’ve done everything medically possible — there’s nothing…

  • Amazon’s Arrival Leaves Long Island City’s Cultural Future in Question

    With the announcement that Amazon is planning to locate one of its two new headquarters in Long Island City, many see it as a possible sign of the neighborhood’s final artistic demise.

  • Deathbed Confession: Woman Claims She’s Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Love Child!

    A broke 72-year-old woman confined to a Florida healthcare facility has made a shocking deathbed confession — “I am Marilyn Monroe’s secret daughter!” Nancy Maniscalco Miracle has claimed the Hollywood sex bomb was just 20 when she gave birth to her after an illicit affair with a long-dead New York attorney! Now, with death lurking Read More