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  • The View’s Meghan McCain obliterates Trump’s laziness: ‘Anyone with a brain’ knows he’s just watching TV and tweeting

    The View’s Meghan McCain blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying the president’s leaked schedule simply confirms what anyone with a functioning cerebrum can see: Trump spends his so-called “executive time” watching cable TV and tweeting. The leaked schedule says Trump “could be watching TV, reading papers, responding to what he sees on Twitter,” McCain said dismissively. “We know in real time that he’s watching morning shows like ‘Fox & Friends’ because he tweets in

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  • It’s not just Putin -- Trump is Mitch McConnell’s puppet too

    The 39 percent of Americans who still approve of Donald Trump’s job in office are at a minimum OK with his rank bigotry, even if they aren’t actually rank bigots, but of course they tell themselves and the world a very different story. In their eyes, Trump may be erratic and kind of offensive, and he may spend too much time blathering about his enemies on Twitter for their taste, but they’re convinced that despite

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  • Japan’s crown prince hopes to continue father’s legacy

    TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito says he hopes to continue the close relationship his father built with the people when he succeeds him as emperor later this year. Naruhito, who turns 59 on