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  • Bolton warns Syria: US military pullout no green light to use chemical weapons

    Trump security adviser, on four-day trip to Israel and Turkey, says chemical weapons use would be met with ‘very strong response’ Trump national security adviser John Bolton has warned the Syrian government it should not see the impending US military withdrawal as an invitation to use chemical weapons. Related: Trump slows Syria pullout but claims 'hero' status Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Synapse raises $6M to bring neural net weapon detection to x-ray machines

    With all of the advances made by computer vision tech in the past few years, it might seem a little crazy that so much of the x-ray security equipment being used at sensitive locations is leaning so heavily on human workers to stop weapons from slipping through. Synapse Technology is creating computer vision tech which can [

  • Bolton cautions Syria against using chemical weapons amid plan to pull US troops: reports

    Following the decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, National Security Adviser John Bolton reportedly expressed caution to the Syrian government on Saturday that the drawdown should not be perceived as an opening for chemical weapons usage.

    Fox News
  • ISIS claims responsibility for suicide bombing in Syria targeting US patrol that killed US soldiers

    ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on the strategic city of Manbij in northern Syria that reportedly targeted a U.S. patrol. The explosion has killed 14 people, including an unknown number of U.S. soldiers.What are the details?The explosion hit a restaurant near the center of the city. The Independent reported that the attack was targeting a U.S. patrol. ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attack through its propaganda news outlet, Amaq. The Syrian Observatory for...