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  • Bennelong’s grave: how history betrayed Australia’s first diplomat

    Woollarawarre Bennelong was a warrior and a peacemaker who became, perhaps, the country’s most misunderstood Indigenous man Woollarawarre Bennelong’s grave could not be more underwhelming, given all the myth and drama attached to his short life as the most renowned and, perhaps, misunderstood Indigenous man in the first three decades of Australia’s post-invasion settlement. Bennelong was a warrior and a peacemaker for a time held captive in chains by his European dispossessors. He took the...

    the Guardian
  • The nation is watching Broward’s election chief. Here’s some troubling history

    With South Florida again in the national eye on races too close to call and troubles in counting and re-counting votes, so, too is the supervisor of elections. Broward Supervisor Brenda Snipes took office 15 years ago after the governor suspended her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant.

  • Amazon’s Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in the company’s history

    Amazon said on Tuesday it just had its biggest shopping day in the company’s history on Cyber Monday (Monday, November 26), based on the number of products sold worldwide. That means the shopping event topped Black Friday and even Amazon’s own sales event known as Prime Day, which this July had become the biggest sales […]