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  • Amazon will buy startup Eero to help connect home devices

    Eero, based in San Francisco, makes gadgets that extend WiFi coverage throughout a home using local networking, known as mesh technology, that removes hiccups in broadcasting internet signals.

  • Axonius raises $13 million to help businesses track and secure their connected devices

    Axonius today raised $13 million in series A funding to help companies determine how many people – and devices – are using their network.

  • This device will be the next smartphone

    The smartphone is an essential part of our everyday lives. But as with all technology, things change. So the question becomes: What will be the next smartphone? Will it be the connected car? Or the smart speaker? What about the smartwatch? Find out which device, if any, will take over the smartphone's role with this brand new slide deck from  Business Insider Intelligence called The Next Smartphone. Here are some of the key takeaways: Smartphones are the fastest adopted tech in the...
  • Are Smartphones and Social Media Hurting Our Kids?

    Should Congress ban kids from owning smartphones? According to a Thursday night monologue, television firebrand Tucker Carlson thinks the answer is yes. In his nightly speech, the Fox News host inveighed against the effect smartphones are having on adolescents, arguing that "smartphone use makes your kids sadder, slower, and more isolated, and over time can kill them." Carlson called on Congress to regulate smartphone usage in the same way that it has regulated cigarettes, keeping them out of...

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  • The Instant, Custom, Connected Future of Medical Devices

    3D-printed and “smart” pharmaceuticals are making medical treatments more effective. But it may take years before the new devices reach most patients, if they do at all.
  • The instant, custom, connected future of medical devices

    When Jeff Dachis suddenly and unexpectedly learned he had Type 1 diabetes at the age of 46 in September 2013, he was stunned. After all, he ran marathons, followed a healthy diet and never had an inkling of any medical troubles during annual physicals. "I went to the doctor, got about six minutes with a nurse practitioner, an insulin pen, a prescription and a pat on the back, and I was out the door," Dachis said. "I was terrified. I had no idea what this condition was about or how to address...

  • Nancy Pelosi gives DACA kids the shiv

    For Democrats, border deal shows its vested interest in chaos. �