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  • Reporter’s Notebook: Anna Netrebko May Be Extra, but That’s Why We Love Her

    The Russian opera diva, who makes her Carnegie Hall solo recital debut on Sunday, goes above and beyond, both onstage and on Instagram.
  • Bennelong’s grave: how history betrayed Australia’s first diplomat

    Woollarawarre Bennelong was a warrior and a peacemaker who became, perhaps, the country’s most misunderstood Indigenous man Woollarawarre Bennelong’s grave could not be more underwhelming, given all the myth and drama attached to his short life as the most renowned and, perhaps, misunderstood Indigenous man in the first three decades of Australia’s post-invasion settlement. Bennelong was a warrior and a peacemaker for a time held captive in chains by his European dispossessors. He took the...

    the Guardian
  • U.S.-Made Drones Add Muscle to Australia’s Military Buildup

    Australia said it would buy American-made Reaper drones and may station warships in neighboring Papua New Guinea, as the U.S. ally bulks up its military in response to regional security threats.