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  • The World Cup was Google's most popular search in 2018

    The World Cup was the most-searched term both in the U.S. and globally this year, while Demi Lovato and Meghan Markle were among the people who were searched the most this year.

    Mail Online
  • What China searched for in 2018: World Cup, trade war, Apple

    Soon after Google unveiled the top trends in what people searched for in 2018, Baidu published what captivated the Chinese in a parallel online universe, where most of the West’s mainstream tech services including Google and Facebook are inaccessible. Google’s year in search 2018: the World Cup, Fortnite GIFs and Bitcoin China’s top search engine [

  • Google's top searches of 2018 were for World Cup, Meghan Markle

    We really got a kick out of the World Cup this year.

  • Germany in 2018: from World Cup holders to Nations League relegation

    Germany began the year among the favourites to win the World Cup. They end it in the second tier of the Nations League By Jason Humphreys for Englische Woche There was a sense of inevitability when Virgil van Dijk volleyed home a last-minute equaliser on Monday night. The Netherlands, a team slowly emerging from their own existential crisis, had already beaten Germany 3-0 earlier in the autumn and they were on hand once again on a chilly night in Gelsenkirchen to make sure their bitter rival’s...

    the Guardian
  • World Cup tops Google searches in 2018, tech is nowhere to be seen

    Google published its "Year in Search 2018" report on Wednesday, and unsurprisingly, the global results are topped by the biggest sporting event of the year, the World Cup. Sports, elections, catastrophes and celebrities typically dominate these lists, and the year behind us was no different.  There is one notable change compared to years past, however: Tech-related topics didn't make any of the lists.  SEE ALSO: Fortnite and Stormy Daniels dominated Pornhub in 2018 World Cup aside, the global...

  • From Tiger Woods to World Cup memories: our favourite sports books of 2018

    The story of the 1936 Olympics, tales from the soul of English cricket, a charlatan footballer called Kaiser and the remarkable Doddie Weir all take pride of place on our bookshelves In the crowded world of sporting fame, to be known universally by a single name lifts an athlete closer to the stars. Few have flown so far into the stratosphere – and plummeted with such Icarusian suddenness – as Tiger. History suggests his flight is far from over. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • England reach hockey World Cup semi-final with thrilling victory over Argentina

    Harry Martin fired England into the semi-finals of the hockey World Cup in India after a fine 3-2 victory over Argentina.

    The Telegraph