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  • Why No Congress Day, Judiciary Day, or Separation of Powers Day?

    Back in 2015, I wrote a critique of Presidents Day. It is, if anything, even more timely, and relevant today. We should not honor all presidents indiscriminately, since there are many who don't deserve it. And we should not make the "cult of the presidency" even worse than it already is. Better to honor the separation of powers more generally: Presidents Day may be a good time to ask why we have a national holiday to celebrate the executive branch of government, but don't have a Congress Day or...
  • On Valentine's Day, why dark chocolate is better for your health

    Give your Valentine a box of (healthier) chocolates.

    ABC News
  • Do we really have to brush our pets’ teeth every day?

    Q: Our veterinarian says that our Yorkie’s periodontal disease is incurable and that she needs daily brushing. I find it ridiculous that veterinarians would expect normal people to brush their