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  • Hoda Kotb, 54, shares her 10-day challenge struggles as she starts her day at 3:47am

    Hoda shared an update on her progress in a series of videos featured on Today's One Small Thing page, giving fans a glimpse of her daily routine.

    Mail Online
  • Why No Congress Day, Judiciary Day, or Separation of Powers Day?

    Back in 2015, I wrote a critique of Presidents Day. It is, if anything, even more timely, and relevant today. We should not honor all presidents indiscriminately, since there are many who don't deserve it. And we should not make the "cult of the presidency" even worse than it already is. Better to honor the separation of powers more generally: Presidents Day may be a good time to ask why we have a national holiday to celebrate the executive branch of government, but don't have a Congress Day or...
  • How to find out if someone's single this Valentine's Day

    A quarter of Americans live in one-person households these days – but that may not mean much There are a few ways to try to find out whether someone is single this Valentine’s Day. You could ask about their marital status, but that won’t necessarily satisfy your curiosity – just because someone checks “single” when they file their taxes doesn’t mean they are. The US census bureau has a similar problem. It frequently uses the words “single” and “umarried” interchangeably, but of course, the two...

    the Guardian
  • WATCH: This day in history: Feb. 22, 2014

    Drug lord 'El Chapo' captured.

    ABC News
  • Listen to the cut 'Valentine's Day' song from 'Rent' Draw a little blood for Valentine's Day
  • Valentine’s Day Experiences for Singles & Couples

    It's the big night, but if you didn't plan ahead, you may be fighting the crowds or struggling for Valentine's Day ideas.  Fear not, there are options if you want to get away from the traditional gifts.
  • These restaurants are sharing the love with these Valentine's Day specials

    Regardless of your relationship status, restaurants nationwide are offering up deals to people everywhere on Valentine's Day. Want to get in on the places where you can score discounted snacks and meals? Look no further. Auntie Anne's: Simply download the Auntie Anne’s app before noon on Wednesday and you can receive a free heart-shaped pretzel upon purchase of one on Valentine's Day. Carrabas: If you’re looking for a romantic-yet-affordable night out, Carrabas is offering a four-course dinner...