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  • College students are on board with AOC’s Green New Deal — till they hear what’s actually in it. Their reactions are priceless.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" has been receiving a lot of attention since she released the contents of the deal last week. Oh no, this?Yes. Many people ridiculed the deal, which featured plans to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade, but the freshman congresswoman's proposal received support as well. Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform ventured to the University of Miami to discuss Ocasio-Cortez's plan with students and gauge their thoughts on the deal. Phillips found that...

  • Fox News' Shep Smith explains why Trump’s foreign policy went down in flames at today’s Senate Intel hearing

    On Tuesday, several top national security officials appointed by President Donald Trump testified in front of Congress. Fox News host Shep Smith opened his show by discussing the ways in which their testimony proved a strong rebuke of Trump’s own foreign policy. According to FBI director Christopher Wray, the Russians have meddled in our elections and are “continuing to adapt their model” while “other countries are taking a very interested eye in that approach.” “Of

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  • Boyfriend’s hilarious concealer swatch goes viral

    A girlfriend shared online an interaction she had with her boyfriend. She asked for him to pick up concealer but first show it to her on his hand.

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  • Trump’s national security team contradicts him at Senate hearing

    A key hearing on Capitol Hill is appearing to draw a deeper divide between President Trump and the nation’s intelligence community. Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi are joined by NBC’s Bill Neely and former Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey to discuss how the national security team contradicted the president.
  • Senate Panel Accepts Michael Cohen’s Request to Postpone Hearing

    Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for President Trump, postponed planned testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee until later this month, marking the second time he has delayed a scheduled congressional hearing in recent weeks.

  • Bloomingdale’s pulls ‘Fake News’ shirt after PIX11 reporter tweet

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Bloomingdale's is pulling a "Fake News" T-shirt from its shelves after a PIX11 reporter tweeted that message "delegitimizes" the work of journalists. Allison Kaden was shopping at the White Plains location Sunday afternoon when she spotted a mannequin wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase "Fake News," a politically charged phrase that was made popular by President Donald Trump.

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  • Senate hearings to probe unsafe housing of U.S. military families

    Troubled by widespread health and safety hazards uncovered by a Reuters investigation into U.S. military housing, Congress will hold hearings next month to ensure that “what we’re seeing now can never happen again,” said Michigan Democrat Gary Peters, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.