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  • Trump’s illegal immigration problem

    Trump's New York golf club employed undocumented immigrants for years, even while the president was calling for a border wall.
  • Trump once called executive action on immigration impeachable

    President Donald Trump once said taking executive action on immigration was an unconstitutional action that could lead to impeachment. Trump's past comments are at odds with his current plans to declare a national emergency and other executive actions to secure funding for a border wall. Trump made the comments on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" in November 2014 when asked about executive actions by then-President Barack Obama that would halt deportations for the undocumented parents of children...

  • Trump calls for bipartisanship, a hard line on immigration

    WASHINGTON (AP) " Face to face with emboldened Democrats, President Donald Trump called on Washington to cast aside "revenge, resistance and retribution" and end "ridiculous partisan investigations" in a State of the Union address delivered at a vulnerable moment for his presidency.Trump appealed Tuesday night for bipartisanship but refused to yield on the hard-line immigration policies that have infuriated Democrats and forced the recent government shutdown. He renewed his call for a [

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