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  • An Instagram Bug Is Causing Users to Lose Millions of Followers

    A new Instagram bug is causing users to lose followers, sometimes millions of them. The glitch has affected celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande, who all lost more than a million followers. It has also come for influencers, who have seen their follower counts plummet by the thousand. When the bug was [

  • An Instagram Bug Is Causing A Change In Users' Follower Counts

    Instagram said they are working to resolve the bug as quickly as possible. View Entire Post ›

  • Instagram users are losing millions of followers due to a bug

    Several Instagram users on Wednesday woke up to find their follower counts significantly decreased.  Many of the app's most popular celebrities experienced a significant drop in followers due to a glitch.  "We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now," Instagram said in a tweet. "We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible." The Instagram bug has eaten away at the follower counts of many of the site's top users. For example, Kim...

  • ‘What Is Going On?’ Instagram Users Report Losing Thousands Of Followers

    Instagram users are confused after they reported losing hundreds and in some cases thousands of followers overnight.