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  • Abby Lee Miller Documents Her Emotional Cancer Battle In New Preview For ‘Dance Moms’

    Welcome back to ‘Dance Moms,’ Abby Lee Miller. Unfortunately, her return to the series comes is saddled with heartbreak, as the new trailer reveals her painful cancer battle.

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  • Cancer-Stricken Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down In New 'Dance Moms' Trailer

    After a jail sentence and a horrific cancer battle, Abby Lee Miller is back on Dance Moms — and the new season appears to be more dramatic than ever. The notorious dance coach, who is still suffering from Burkitt lymphoma, breaks down in her hospital bed in the no-holds-barred season trailer. “I was ready to Read More

  • Abby Lee Miller: I Was Abused in Prison!

    In a word? Yikes! Abby Lee Miller recently sat down with Inside Edition to discuss her life as an inmate. The Dance Moms host has admitted in the past that she deserved to be punished for her role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme, but it would be difficult to anyone to think she deserved the sort of treatment she allegedly received while behind bars. What does Miller claim took place at this federal facilty in California? As she prepared to make her triumphant return to Dance Moms this June,...
  • Abby Lee Miller Claims She Was Abused In Prison: ‘They Tried To Rip My Eyelashes Off’

    In her first interview since being released from prison, Abby Lee Miller claims that she was abused while she served time for bankruptcy fraud.

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