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  • Ford's Lane-Keeping Bed keeps mattress bogarts on their side

    If only Ford had a way to solve snoring, too.

  • Popular Weather App 'Dark Sky' Gains Dark Mode

    Dark Sky has gained an optional Dark Mode, in the latest version of the hyperlocal weather app for iOS. The update means users can check weather information in the app with white text on a dark background, a new design that's supposed to be easier on the eyes in dimly lit environments. In addition, Dark Sky v6.2 also gains an optional Daylight mode that ensures the black interface is automatically enabled when the sun goes down. The new settings can be accessed by tapping the cog...

  • Donald Trump to keep troops in Iraq to keep an eye on Iran

    President Donald Trump said Sunday he will be keeping troops in Iraq to keep an eye on Iran. He said "a fortune" was spent building a military base in Iraq, so he plans to keep it. "One of the reasons I want to keep it is because I want to

    The Washington Times