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  • Pope Francis becomes first pope to visit Arabian Peninsula

    Francis earlier Sunday called for the urgent observation of a limited cease-fire in Yemen reached in December and for food and medicine to get to its people, who are suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

    Global News
  • Tom Brady Hates Being Called 'Greatest Ever,' Rather Be Called 'Trash'

    Tom Brady says being called the "Greatest of All Time" is a title that makes him cringe -- because he handles criticism WAY BETTER than he deals with compliments.  Goatie McGoatface was on "Good Morning America" with Michael Strahan -- who

  • Dem senator threatens to call cops on reporter, calls him 'trash' for Green New Deal question

    Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez (N.J.) tore into a conservative reporter for daring to approach and ask a question about the Green New Deal. The reporter is Henry Rodgers of The Daily Caller, who has made waves on social media recently by confronting Democratic politicians and asking them direct questions about newsworthy things they'd rather not talk about, like the Democratic scandals in Virginia, or late-term abortion bills. Rodgers went up to Menendez while the senator was waiting for the train...