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  • 'I Felt Abandoned': Church Sex Abuse Survivors Seek Change

    Following the defrocking of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, survivors of sex abuse in the Catholic Church gathered with advocates to protest in favor of accountability and greater female representation in the Vatican. Photo Credit: NBC Washington
  • Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God

    Ignoring practically everyone, Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam announced Saturday afternoon in a bizarre and astonishing press conference that he will not step down, despite an overwhelming backlash over a vile 1984 yearbook photo depicting two people in blackface and KKK garb.

  • Rapists Presented by Their Church as Men of God

    Southern Baptist leaders ignored the wrongdoing. An all-male clergy is part of the problem.
  • What Washington gives up by not leading on climate change

    The United States, the proverbial "shining city upon a hill," is a beacon of global leadership and an arbiter of moral authority. But people around the world increasingly see climate change as a top threat and, with the president of the United States unwilling to even acknowledge the problem, Washington risks ceding its authority, with profound consequences.

    Washington Examiner