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  • WATCH: Oscars 2019: And the limo goes to...

    Norm Kinard coordinates cars picking up celebrities at the Academy Awards.

    ABC News
  • WATCH: 2nd day of the Vatican's historic summit

    Sexual abuse survivors urge the Catholic Church to hold bishops accountable for covering up abuse.

    ABC News
  • WATCH: Historic summit held at the Vatican by the pope

    Pope Francis opened a landmark sex abuse prevention summit Thursday by offering senior Catholic leaders 21 proposals to punish predators and keep children safe.

    ABC News
  • Watch this Infowars caller flame Roger Stone

    A man identifying himself as "Michael from Florida" called into Infowars when federal indictee Roger Stone was a guest on the show. Michael first told the host he was angry that Trump's tax cut has increased his annual taxes by over $4,000. He then turned his attention to Stone (who was sporting fabulous eyebrows, by the way) by calling him a marshmallow and a snowflake for complaining about his treatment by the FBI when he was arrested. “They didn’t throw you down on the ground!" said Michael....

    Boing Boing