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  • Love Island's Laura Anderson shows off her figure in swimsuit

    Laura Anderson was reminiscing about spending time in sunnier climes on Wednesday, sharing a throwback snapshot of herself looking incredible in a khaki swimsuit.

    Mail Online
  • Easter Island statues: mystery behind their location revealed

    Location of statues was based on nearby fresh water and other resources, says US study The huge stone figures of Easter Island have beguiled explorers, researchers and the wider world for centuries, but now experts say they have cracked one of the biggest mysteries: why the statues are where they are. Experts from Binghamton University in New York say they have analysed the locations of the megalithic platforms, or ahu, on which many of the statues known as moai sit, as well as scrutinising...

    the Guardian
  • The Royal Family Revealed Their Favorite Moments Of 2018 — & Love For Each Other

    With the new year just around the corner, many are looking back at their favorite milestones and moments of 2018, including the royal family. “Here are some of our favorite moments from 2018 — thank you to everyone who made this year so special,” Kensington Palace’s Twitter account, which serves as the official handle for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, shared in addition to a video. The moments featured in the three-minute highlight reel include Meghan and...