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  • Think you know which platform will beat Trump? Think again.

    Over the next year, people are going to constantly deploy cliches like "Biden can win back working class whites!" or "Americans want a real progressive like Warren!" We're taking apart four of those electability cliches and helping you be smarter about 2020.
  • Think a tidy house will lead to a tidy life? Think again

    Lifestyle gurus like Marie Kondo promise a sense of control – but there’s a hidden hazard I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two most surprisingly successful lifestyle gurus of the late 2010s are Jordan Peterson and Marie Kondo. Fans of the glowering Canadian see him as a champion of the “masculine” forces of order over “feminine” chaos, while Kondo’s books and new Netflix show are squarely pitched at a female audience. But their best-known advice is exactly the same: clean up your...

    the Guardian
  • What is CNN thinking?

    The decision by CNN to hire Republican political operative Sarah Isgur Flores, who most recently served as a spokeswoman for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to help oversee 2020 political coverage makes absolutely no sense. CNN has an unfortunate history of signing up totally predictable partisans as commentators (see President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Cory [