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  • There is no way the US can crush us – Huawei

    Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said “there’s no way the U.S. can crush us,” according to an interview he gave to BBC.

  • Huawei founder: 'there's no way the US can crush us'

    Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told the BBC that he believes the arrest of his daughter, company CFO Meng Wanzhou, was politically motivated. Wanzhou was arrested in Canada in December over accusations that the company is involved in "conspiracy to defr

  • Staring us in the face, in plain sight, giving us the big do-you-want-some

    Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now! Yesterday evening, Barcelona took 25 shots against Lyon but none of them went in, so they drew for the fourth time in five matches. At Anfield, Naby Keïta had a pass completion rate of 74%. But apart from those two examples of things that are brimful of pretty attacking promise but aren’t quite clicking at the moment, there was very little to talk about in Big Cup. The needle on the Fiver’s patented Entertainmentometer™© got stuck halfway...

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  • Huawei founder says 'there's no way the US can crush us'

    Ren Zhengfei tells the BBC the world needs Huawei because it's "more advanced." He also denies spying allegations.

  • Huawei founder says 'no way the US can crush us'

    Ren Zhengfei warned countries risked falling behind in areas like 5G rollout if they turned their back on Huawei
  • ‘There’s no way the US can crush us,’ Huawei founder claims

    Huawei’s founder has come out fighting against the U.S. government after he claimed that “there’s no way the US can crush us.” Ren Zhengfei, who founded the telecom company in 1987, doesn’t often make public statements, but, in a rare interview with the BBC, he defiantly claimed that Huawei’s business is growing stronger amid pressure [

  • 'What Men Want' delivers some fun but leaves us wanting: EW review

    For the past few weeks, Los Angeles has been dotted with jewel-colored billboards for What Men Want, a gender-swapped remake of the 2000 Nancy Meyers film that starred someone whose name I just can’t seem to think of at the moment. These billboards advertise the film’s stars, Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Morgan, and feature the tagline: “She can read men’s thoughts. Let the games begin.” Is that even a tagline? It’s more of just