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  • NBA exec’s read on trade: Knicks ‘pretty sure’ they’re getting Kevin Durant

    Do the Knicks know something the rest of the league doesn’t? “It means they’re pretty sure they’re getting [Kevin Durant],” one NBA executive told Bleacher Report. Otherwise, Thursday’s Kristaps Porzingis trade — which created two max contract slots that could lead to the Knicks landing Durant and Kyrie Irving — makes little sense. Another executive

    New York Post
  • After a divorce, who gets these deductions?

    You may need to make changes to tax documents for a home after a divorce. Q. After I divorced, I was responsible for paying my home mortgage before I refinanced the loan in my name. The bank has sent the tax documents and they are in my ex's name. I was on the original loan along with my ex-husband. Is there a way I can claim the tax credit? -- Divorced A. The answer will depend on a few items. Was the home jointly owned during the time that you made the interest...
  • Here's when you're probably getting divorced

    The US Census Bureau tracks patterns in marital status by age among Americans, including divorce statistics. In recent years, older Americans are more likely to have been divorced, separated, or in a second or later marriage than in previous decades. Younger Americans are more likely to be never married or in a first marriage. A lot of people get married. And if things work out, they'll stay happily married. But things don't always work out. Using individual-level Census data from...

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