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  • Artificial intelligence is racist, sexist because of data it’s fed

    Artificial intelligence is “shockingly” racist and sexist, a study has revealed. Researchers looked a range of systems and datasets and found examples where AI had provided inaccurate information for women and minorities. In one example, the team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked at an income-prediction system and discovered it was twice as likely to...

    New York Post
  • Artificial intelligence IS racist and sexist due to the data collected

    One example studied by MIT found an income-prediction system was twice as likely to misclassify female employees as low-income and male employees as high-income.

    Mail Online
  • Salesforce wants to deliver more automated field service using IoT data

    Salesforce has been talking about the Internet of Things for some time as a way to empower field service workers. Today, the company announced Field Service Lightning, a new component designed to deliver automated IoT data to service technicians in the field on their mobile devices. Once you connect sensors in the field to Service […]