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  • Heisman finalists are enjoying the benefits of waiting their turn

    The three finalists for the Heisman Trophy have more in common than gaudy statistics and the position they play. At this time last year, they all were virtual unknowns, second on the depth charts at their respective schools. Each of them was a top recruit, but still all about potential, and all were waiting for

    New York Post
  • London coffee shop turns their cups into biochar

    Does this make any sense, and is it truly circular?

  • How the Robin Hood myth was turned on its head by rightwingers

    The wealth-redistributing folk hero has traditionally been seen as a champion of the poor. But politicians have recently used him as a poster boy for tax cuts. What message should we take from his latest film? He robs the rich to feed the poor: Robin Hood is the original social justice warrior. He is a militant advocate of wealth redistribution. A saviour of the many, not the few. A champion of the underclass, sticking it, shooting it and slashing it to the greedy elites. Surely he is the hero...

    the Guardian