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  • Trump isn't an A-plus president, but he could still be one

    As families across the nation gather for Thanksgiving, many will engage in the ritual of having everyone at the table say two or three things for which they are thankful. First on everyone’s list, usually, is good health — personally and nationally — followed by family, friends, bountiful food, clothing, shelter, vacations, the dog, etc.

    Washington Examiner
  • President Trump at G20 after canceling meeting with Putin

    President Trump has a busy agenda at the G20 Summit, but a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a part of it. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by MSNBC Diplomacy Expert Ambassador Chris Hill to discuss what is ahead for the president in Buenos Aires.
  • What Trump needs to do to avoid being a one-term president

    There are warning signs in the midterm election results that Trump should not ignore.