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  • House Democrats immediately take up bills to re-open government

    Rep. Hakeem Jeffries talks with Rachel Maddow about the new House Democratic majority, joined by some Republicans, working on their first official day in office to pass new bills to re-open the federal government.
  • Rep. Justin Amash Takes on Eminent Domain with 'Just Compensation' Bill

    Legislation proposed today by Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) would essentially require the federal government to offer landowners "just compensation" before seizing their property to make room for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Eminent Domain Just Compensation Act, the text of which Amash posted to Twitter, doesn't specifically mention President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. But considering the timing—Trump and congressional Democrats are currently at an impasse regarding $5.7 billion...
  • US shutdown: Democrats to pass funding bills as they take control of House

    The party ramps up pressure as it takes over the House, but there is still no end to the impasse.

    BBC News
  • The New York Times is betting big on Amazon Alexa as voice assistants take hold in US households

    The New York Times is prioritizing voice as devices like Amazon's Echo take hold in US households. The newspaper is starting to roll out news and recommendation content that's tailored to the voice assistants. Discovery is a big hurdle for content on voice assistants, so the Times will use its print edition to promote its new skills. The New York Times is joining the race by publishers to take advantage of the growing adoption of voice assistants. Last year, the Times hired an editor, Dan...

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