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  • How Team Trump keeps changing its story in the Russia investigation

    Public contradictions, walkbacks and flip-flops have become a hallmark of how Trump and his team responded to the Russia investigation. This interactive project highlights the top 15 examples of these flip-flops and contradictions, and is accompanied by nine new original videos.
  • Liar, liar: Trump changes his story again on Trump Tower Moscow

    NYT’s Matt Apuzzo, former US attorney Joyce Vance, NBC’s Heidi Przybyla and Ken Dilianian on Trump adding to the conflicting accounts of how long a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow had been going on
  • Cigar bar joins Trump Tower as one of the most important meetings in Trump-Russia conspiracy

    Since the release of heavily redacted court documents on Feb. 7, another get-together has been vying to beat out the Trump Tower meeting as the most important face-to-face between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. That meeting took place at the Grand Havana Room, a private cigar club that apparently also serves food, for those who can stand to eat in the presence of cigars. And while the meeting may have lacked the presence of Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, it does seem to have...
  • The man Trump Jr called while setting up infamous Russia meeting was involved in Trump Tower Moscow project

    Multiple reports that broke Thursday night indicated that the blocked phone numbers that Donald Trump Jr. called while setting up the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives in 2016 were not to Donald Trump himself. However, Trump Jr. might not be totally out of the woods just yet because one of blocked numbers reportedly belonged to a man named Howard Lorber, a longtime family friend who for years had been trying to help make

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