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  • Inside Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Ambitious Recast With Skylar Astin

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one of the most subversive shows on TV, is doing it again. The CW musical comedy reintroduces viewers to Greg during the Friday, Dec. 7 episode. But Santino Fontana, an

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  • Exclusive: Skylar Astin introduces a new, sober Greg in 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' first look

    “It’s funny, you remind me of this guy.” Standing in Rebetzel’s — Rebecca’s pretzel shop — Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is in the middle of a musical number with someone who seems a lot like her ex Greg. Only, he is Greg. He’s just…changed. “Sometimes people disappear from your life for chunks of time, and when they come back they seem completely different,” says Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna. That’s the idea behind Crazy Ex replacing Santino Fontana, who played Greg until...
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Boss on Recasting Greg, Rebecca's New 'Love Quadrangle'

    Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Friday’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Oh hi, Greg! Wait

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Greg Party

    It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: the introduction of New Greg. With Santino Fontana off doing his best Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Bloom’s college chum Skylar Astin has taken on the role of everyone’s favorite sarcastic barkeep—and he’ll be back for the rest of the series (
  • How Crazy Ex-Girlfriend re-met Greg

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has never been shy about acknowledging the fact that it’s a TV show. In fact, peeling back the curtain to acknowledge the artifice has been one of the most reliably entertaining tools in a crowded toolbox. It’s yielded a seemingly endless supply of recurring bits, self-aware title sequences and theme songs, breaks with convention, direct addresses to the audience, and entire musical numbers that basically mirror what its audience might feel about a new character.

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  • Greg is a new man in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s fall finale

    Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8. All times are Eastern. Read more

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  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Vella Lovell on the Show's Bittersweet Final Season

    On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Vella Lovell plays Heather Davis, a sardonic, lovable, often directionless community college student who serves as the foil and next-door neighbor to lead Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), a high-strung East Coast lawyer who gives up her career in search of happiness. On a show full of oddball characters known to break out into misandrist song (did I mention it’s a musical?), one that tackles everyday humanity with the grace of a prestige drama, Lovell’s character endears...

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