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  • Losing just two hours of sleep makes you ANGRIER

    Researchers at Iowa State University wanted to discover if sleep loss is to blame for anger, or if anger is responsible for disrupted sleep. They studied 42 participants.

    Mail Online
  • Out-of-hours GP service is to close in just THREE DAYS

    Primecare will 'cease all operations' as of December, the firm said in a letter sent to organisations it provides care for in the West Midlands.

    Mail Online
  • What's New, Pussycat? Just a $35 Heated Kitty House.

    We’ve reached a point in human history where “if you’re cold, they’re cold” is such obvious pet owner advice that we’ve taken to mocking it. But it does have some merit — many cats and dogs are not equipped to handle freezing conditions. Not thrilled with the idea of letting your outdoor cat come in and test its claws on your furniture this winter? The K&H Heated Outdoor Kitty House is here to solve your problems. (I like how they’re really careful to call it a “kitty house” instead of a...

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