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  • Love Island's Niall Aslam reveals he was SNUBBED from Christmas Reunion

    Love Island's Niall Aslam has taken aim at producers by claiming he was snubbed from the upcoming Christmas Reunion.

    Mail Online
  • James Baker reveals Bush’s ‘very peaceful’ final moments

    Former President George H.W. Bush’s final moments surrounded by family and friends were “very peaceful,” James Baker, his secretary of state, said in an interview on Sunday. “He kept his spirit and he kept his sense of humor right until the very end,” Baker told ABC’s “This Week.” “But his passing … was very gentle...

    New York Post
  • Mia Love: Trump’s attack 'out of left field'

    Rep. Mia Love is still mystified by President Trump's cutting personal attack on her just after Election Day when he declared she had lost because she gave him "no love."

    Washington Examiner
  • If only the sting of young love was My Brilliant Friend’s sole source of pain

    Lenú sits alone on the beach, in the dark. The air is warm, the breeze off the ocean cool and sweet. The sand has cooled down, slightly damp to the touch; she burrows her heels and wiggles her fingers, and the grains make room. The waves crash, soft but relentless, a welcome hum that ensures, just as the darkness does, that she feels properly alone, unobserved, unheard. She’s free to cry as though no one will ever know, and in fact, no one will. The breeze whips her hair and the hem of her...

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