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  • It’s flu season. Will my dogs and cats get sick, too?

    Pets are increasingly at risk of flu season-related illness for one reason in particular: Flu season coincides with travel season. And the more we travel, the more our pets are subject to infectious diseases and/or stress-related disorders.

  • OU’s schedule strength will top OSU’s, but that’s not only factor

    The committee’s already said OU’s faced a tougher path, and that advantage will only grow. The College Football Playoff field of four teams will be set on Sunday. A couple teams who have a real shot of making it in are No. 5 Oklahoma and No. 6 Ohio State. Both teams will play in conference championships on Saturday, but the Sooners are already ahead of the Buckeyes in one category. That would be strength of schedule. Here’s what committee chairperson Robert Mullens said after Tuesday night’s...
  • Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince’ Sequel: Everything You Need To Know

    A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding might be the second most watched royal wedding this year.