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  • ‘The Magicians’ Unveils SyFy Season 4 Trailer And The New Quest

    SyFy’s The Magicians has conjured its official season four trailer, showcasing the core group’s struggle to remember their identities and rediscover each other. The new episodes start on Jan. 23 at 9 PM ET/8 Central. Last season, the core group embarked on the epic quest of the seven keys to restore magic after it was turned off. In the finale, just as our magicians finally restored magic by unlocking the fountain at the other end of the Wellspring, the Library, Irene…

  • The Magicians sparks a magical revolution (and more!) in epic new season 4 trailer

    The Magicians will sing the song of angry men in season 4. The SYFY drama’s new season 4 trailer, which EW is debuting above, reveals what the world looks like now that Library controls magic. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s not a great place to be and, to borrow Marina’s (Kacey Rohl) words, gives off some serious 1984 vibes as we see hedge witches being persecuted and more. “Season 4 deals with the regulation of magic,” showrunner/executive producer Sera Gamble tells EW. “It’s back,...
  • New Captain Marvel trailer? New Captain Marvel trailer!

    As you may have gathered from the headline, there's a new Captain Marvel trailer to be had. This time around, we're treated to a little more background on one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel comic book and cinematic universes. Also, Nick Fury fucking loves kitties. Read the rest

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  • Fuller House Season 4 Trailer Is All About DJ and Steve

    The Tanners are back once again, and while there's a baby on the way and many shenanigans to be had, we gotta say we're mostly here for DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Steve(Scott Weinger)....

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  • The magic is back in the trailer for season 4 of Syfy's The Magicians

    To the uninitiated, Syfy’s adaptation of The Magicians can be a pretty weird and baffling thing. The show will be coming back for a new season in January, and as laid out in this handy Deadline post about the latest Magicians trailer, the series is coming off of a third season that saw magic itself being shut down and then losing their memories and identities in the process of restoring it. This trailer has a lot of ominous talk about a bad Library and bad Librarians, which we’re going to...

  • In The First Trailer For The Magicians Season 4, A Revolution Is Rising

    Do you hear the people sing? Oh wait, that was two seasons ago. Still, much like that time our beloved heroes sang "One Day More" from Les Misérables, The Magicians are getting ready for war over the future of magic. More
  • Avengers 4: Trailer for new End Game film released

    The trailer for the fourth Avengers film has finally dropped, with the title reveal of Avengers: End Game.