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  • The democracy myth

    Would you prefer to live in a country that has a high degree of individual liberty but is not a democracy, or live in a democracy where individual liberties are curtailed? A major reason for the Brexit move by the U.K. was the feeling among many British that they had ...
  • A Democracy that cannot be Hacked

    In recent weeks, we have seen much hand wringing over the role that Social Media, Special Interests, Fake news, and Foreign Governments have played, in determining the outcomes of our political pro…

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  • The Great Wall of Democracy

    OKINAWA—I've had to wait on the tarmac for planes ahead of mine to take off before, but never F-15s. Naha airport here shares a runway with Japan's Air Self Defense Forces, leading to delays whenever Japanese fighters scramble to counter Chinese incursions into the airspace above the Senkaku Island Chain in the East China Sea. The pace of such incursions has accelerated over the last half decade. The Japanese scrambled a high of 1,168 times in 2016, mostly in response to Chinese activity. The...

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  • Mellman: Enemies of democracy

    Republicans probably don’t think of themselves as enemies of democracy. And many aren’t.

  • Democracies Are Fighting for Their Lives

    Joergen Oerstroem Moeller Security, Global Governance Can they save themselves? Spinoza’s Prediction The Jewish-Dutch philosopher Spinoza (1632–1677) predicted that democracy would be guided by and taken over by demagogues jettisoning reason and logic. Freedom for individuals in whatever way it was seen when Spinoza lived would be there, but the mediocrity of rulers would lead to chaos. The elite would rebel against such a system. The people would be confronted with the choice between freedom...

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  • How Democracy Is Losing the World

    We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world. Please support CNSNews today! [a 501(c)(3) non-profit production of the Media Research Center] DONATE Or, book travel through MRC’s Travel Discounts Program! MRC receives a rebate for each booking when you use our special codes. BOOK NOW

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  • How Democracy is Losing the World

    We claim it's the best system available. Yet it's made us look ridiculous while other nations step up and get serious.

    The American Conservative