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  • 'Vox Lux' review: A narcissistic pop star is born, and Natalie Portman's drowning in glitter

    In space, stars find their way into existence by way of interstellar molecular clouds at a temperature of just above absolute zero. That’s seriously cold. In “Vox Lux,” the narcissistic human star at the center of writer-director Brady Corbet’s film thrives, however recklessly, at a similar temperature
  • Natalie Portman plays a cynical pop star for an overstimulated age in the glib Vox Lux

    We’re limping toward the end of 2018, and everyone is exhausted. In a culture where truth is malleable, spite and greed are celebrated, and unimaginable atrocities are reduced to just another fleeting set of stimuli, how could you not be? A similar sense of existential fatigue permeates Vox Lux, The Childhood Of A Leader director Brady Corbet’s new film starring Natalie Portman as a pop star whose inner life is a sinkhole she vainly attempts to fill with booze, drugs, and flippant cruelty. It’s...

  • Exclusive: Natalie Portman spews bonkers pop star conspiracies in 'Vox Lux' clip

    Behind the gloss of pop superstardom lies a disturbing streak of social paranoia in actor Brady Corbet’s sophomore directorial effort Vox Lux. And Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman fervently embodies the sentiment in EW’s exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming prestige drama — one that could earn the 37-year-old her fourth Oscar nomination next year. “Sometimes life just isn’t that fair, especially not nowadays,” Portman — who plays a world-renowned singer, Celeste, catapulted to fame...