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  • Violence Strikes at Maryland Mall for 2nd Time in a Month

    A man was stabbed outside a DSW store at Westfield Weaton Mall. Police are still searching for the suspect and don't believe this was a random attack. This is the second time a violent crime has been reported at the mall in the last month. News4's Darcy Spencer has more.
  • Ignore or intercept: Two ways to respond to Russian bombers in Venezuela

    Russia's deployment of two Tu-160 strategic bombers to Venezuela is unlikely to pose a threat to the United States. But those bombers should meet U.S. Air Force intercepts if they are flown toward U.S. air identification zones in the Gulf of Mexico or off Florida's east coast.

    Washington Examiner
  • US-Russian spat over Russian bombers landing in Venezuela

    On Monday two Russian bombers landed in Venezuela for military exercises angering US officials.

    BBC News
  • Meet the 5 Best Bombers of All Time

    Robert Farley Security, Best of the best.  Over the last century, nations have invested tremendous resources in bomber aircraft. More often than not, this investment has failed to bear strategic fruit. Bombers are the essence of strategic airpower. While fighters have often been important to air forces, it was the promise of the heavy bomber than won and kept independence for the United States Air Force and the Royal Air Force. At different points in time, air forces in the United States,...

    The National Interest