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  • Has Bernie Sanders missed his moment?

    Don’t be led astray by the humble, “I’m still thinking about running” mantra parsing from Sen. Bernie Sanders’s lips: the man wants to be president. While speculation continues over whether the septuagenarian will decide to launch a second consecutive presidential campaign, the early tea leaves point in the direction of Vermont’s senior senator declaring his candidacy sometime in the early months of 2019.

    Washington Examiner
  • The Guardian view on the EU: come together

    Europe does not have a robust plan for effective, legitimate decision-making mechanisms to deal with inequality. It is welcome that some are being suggested European leaders will gather in Brussels this week and face questions about how responsive the continent’s political systems can be to the voters’ concerns. No one is likely to be pleased with the response. Instead of accelerating plans to meet the challenge of EU-wide persistent inequalities and sluggish growth, Europe’s leaders will claim...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on Huawei: the bigger story

    The arrest of a top executive comes as the Chinese telecoms firm faces tough times in the west Markets can be erratic beasts, as indicative of collective neuroses as collective wisdom. But it is not surprising that they reacted to Wednesday’s thunderbolt. Much remains unclear about Canada’s arrest of a powerful executive from Chinese telecoms behemoth Huawei at the request of the US. Whatever precisely happened, and however this plays out, it is a dramatic course of action against a company at...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on school trips: they should be open to all

    Increasingly expensive jaunts are divisive, put pressure on families and risk causing more harm than good Schools are not just a microcosm of society; they mediate it too. The best seek to ameliorate the external pressures on their pupils while equipping them better to understand and handle the world outside – at once sheltering them and broadening their horizons. This is ambitious in any circumstances, and in a divided and unequal society the two ideals can clash outright. Trips that many...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on global warming: time is running out

    Rightwing nationalism threatens the global solidarity needed to avoid a climate catastrophe Global warming is a crisis for civilisation and a crisis for life on Earth. Human-caused climate change was behind 15 deadly weather disasters in 2017, including droughts, floods and heatwaves. The world’s leading climate scientists, in a special report for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), have warned that there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on the Stansted 15: a sledgehammer prosecution

    The activists who blocked a deportation flight from departing were charged under legislation introduced to counter terrorist threats. Their case sets a chilling precedent The case of the 15 activists convicted on Monday over a non-violent protest which stopped a deportation flight from leaving Stansted airport should not only worry all those who care about the rights of those threatened with removal. It should alarm anyone who cares about the right to protest. The disproportionate charge will...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on Donald Trump: the net closes

    Contempt and indignation, however deserved, won’t end the presidency of Donald Trump. What’s needed is the operation of the law. That may be coming closer That President Trump is an almost compulsive liar, a man who is incurious about the world except to the extent that it can satisfy his crude immediate desires, has been obvious since he first appeared in public life as a real estate huckster in New York City. To some extent these were the qualities, or the defects, that won him the presidency....

    the Guardian